The Romance of Pottery

Call me cheesy, but I love that there are countless love stories taking place every day! One of the greatest parts of being in the PYOP (paint-your-own-pottery) business is getting the opportunity to witness adorable moments in different people’s love stories. From first dates to anniversaries, you get to be a small part of someone else’s beautiful romance. 

    I brag to all of my friends about what a perfect date spot a pottery studio is, especially a studio like Painted Earth where we steer clear of a corny vibe and try to maintain a more earthy, relaxed atmosphere. Here’s why:

1. Even though you’re painting, you can still talk to each other, whether that means getting to know someone for the first time or just catching up on what happened that day. While other date activities aren’t always the best for a conversation (cough cough the movies cough cough), painting pottery helps create a relaxed atmosphere that’s ideal for talking to each other.

2. And, bonus for first-time dates! Even though pottery studios are a great place to have a conversation, it’s also the perfect excuse for not talking if you’re just not feeling it. After all, you just really need to concentrate on your ceramic unicorn’s eyelashes. Sorry. 

3.For a lot of people, painting pottery is something entirely different from their regular routine. It’s good to shake things up! And if painting just isn’t your partner’s cup-of-tea, they’re probably perfectly wired for either glass fusing at our Menifee studio (great for analytical minds and puzzle solvers) or wheel throwing at our Temecula studio (awesome for people who love to work with their hands and get dirty). 

4. You get to create something, and how awesome is that? Whether you’re making one piece together (always adorable, and sometimes really, really funny) or you both make your own works of art (for each other, perhaps?), you have the chance to make something with one another, which is a very unique and rewarding experience.  

5. This date spot involves keeping something at the end! Years later, you can look back on that cute mug you’re drinking your coffee out of and remember that one time you painted it with your special someone. You’re not just making a fabulous work of art, you’re making a memory that you can always keep with you. I’m a big supporter of dates that are creative and involve keeping memorabilia from the day!

    Truthfully, Painted Earth is very romantic. If you don’t believe me, come in for a date! We have Date Night one Saturday a month when you get a 2-for-1 studio fee, and food and beverages are always welcome in the studio. Call to make a reservation, or just walk on in!