Adventure-spiration: Painting Memories

by Liz Roush

Sometimes it can be really, really hard to decide what I want to paint when I come to Painted Earth in my free time. I know that I want to paint something, but it’s a challenge to decide what that something is. I call one fun way to pick a project, “adventure-spiration”. Adventure-spiration is taking an adventure that you’ve had—a trip to the beach with friends, a road trip up north with family, or even that really great frozen yogurt you ate the other day—and using that to inspire your piece. Not only does taking from your experiences help inspire what you make, but it also makes your art something personal that will remind you of your awesome adventures! Take this very silly piece I just made as an example:

I recently took a spontaneous road trip to Idaho with one of my best friends. She lives in Boise, and we rarely get to see each other. So when she came down to California for a weekend, I drove back up to Idaho with her when she left. It was an awesome trip filled with loud and obnoxious singing, trying new food, and reconnecting with each other. A lot of Idaho potato jokes were involved. And one of the most interesting places we went to was, believe it or not, a McDonald’s. This wasn’t just any McDonald’s; it was a space-carousel themed McDonald’s! It had a giant mural of carousel animals flying through space! Naturally, with my love for the ridiculous and the astronomical, I took a lot of pictures and nearly died of happiness.

liz uni-tato.jpg

So, to commemorate this road trip with my best friend, I made a ridiculous, Idaho-themed plate. The Idaho potato is a unicorn, which will always remind me of that eclectic McDonald’s that we visited on our little adventure. Our adventures should always be documented and remembered! What better way than through art?

*Have to see it in person? This magical plate is on display at our Menifee location!