Liz's Adventures & Sara's Shenanigans

by Liz Roush

Hey there! I'm Liz and I'm lucky enough to be a part of Painted Earth's creative team. I began working here 5 years ago as a birthday party hostess, but have spent most of my time working in the front studio. For the last year I have been teaching a lot of the different classes and workshops we offer, and recently started helping as the studio's Social Media Assistant.

I really love Painted Earth--not just as a job, but because it inspires me. I love working with the different art mediums offered at the studio. Being here often gives me ideas for my own art projects, which are usually watercolors of cute animals doing funny things or special projects for friends. Working here gives me the opportunity to inspire others and help them express themselves creatively, which is awesome!

Painted Earth is a great place for exploring your creative side, relaxing catching up with friend, going on dates...basically it's amazing. This is the first place that I worked with glass, glazes, clay, and acrylic paints, and I love that I get to share these art mediums with other people through the studio. In this blog I will share the adventures that inspire my art!

by Sara Kojaku

Hey there...I'm Sara! I started working at Painted Earth in the front studio and now work as the Creative & Marketing Director. Over the past 7 years I have helped with every position in the studio except loading kilns...and I love it all! From the first time I painted at the studio until today, I have been addicted to the place. I'm not sure if it's the unique atmosphere, the staff, or the creative air, but it really is the coolest job ever. And yes, somedays I do get to paint all day.

When I'm not working I am hanging out with my son. I have some history with photography and enjoy documenting every shenanigan we get into! Inspiration is everywhere, and I try to incorporate it in samples painted and personal projects alike. A favorite medium has become clay. Hand building is my happy place, making things from scratch is so much fun. I also love learning about squids and octopuses when I'm not obsessing over Doctor Who and other nerdy things.

Here at Painted Earth, what I love the most is that our studios are for everyone, no matter your experience or age. I love seeing what people create. For as long as I can remember I have always loved art, and I love helping people make theirs. Our studio is the perfect place to relax, spend time with friends, and to make memories.